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Serverspace is an international cloud hosting provider. This year on Black Friday, Serverspace is offering a massive discount of 50% cashback on its plans.

On this page, you’ll get Serverspace Black Friday deal details with coupons, offer discounts, and sale validity. And it will also be available during Cyber Monday.

So, what is Serverspace Black Friday deal for 2022? You’ll get a 50% cashback discount on all their plans. Serverspace offer is only valid until Cyber Monday, so grab it right now.

If you were waiting to buy Serverspace then this Black Friday time is probably the best to get it at a huge discount.

Here is the detail of the Serverspace Black Friday offer:

Serverspace Black Friday Discount: 50% cashback

Offer Validity: Black Friday to Cyber Monday

Coupon Code: SBFPOINT22

Deal Activation Link: Click Here to Activate Serverspace Deal

How to Activate Serverspace Black Friday Deal

If you’re looking for quick steps which can guide you to get Serverspace Black Friday discount then here we have given a few steps to get the Serverspace discount.

Step #1: Click here to visit Serverspace Black Friday page.

Step #2: Sign up to get Serverspace Account.

Step #3: Go to the Refill Balance tab in the Serverspace control panel.

Note: you must activate the promo code before refilling the balance.

Step #4: Go to the Promo code tab and enter “SBFPOINT22“.

Step #5: Then all you have to do is refill the balance and the promo code will allow you to get 50% cashback bonuses on your Serverspace account.

Voilà! You have activated the promo code and received your cashback!

What is Serverspace | About Serverspace

What is Serverspace | About Serverspace

Serverspace is an international cloud hosting provider which provides the ability to rent virtual servers based on vStack or VMware virtualization platforms. 

Using the Serverspace control panel you can configure the server resources yourself: select OS, data center location, CPU, RAM, SSD, and bandwidth. This is a great way to get started with Serverspace. If you need more resources for your project, you can simply scale the server configuration in the control panel.

Serverspace key services and solutions for users:

  • Cloud servers
  • VMware Public Cloud
  • Managed Kubernetes
  • 1-Click Apps Marketplace

Serverspace also provides the ability to create isolated networks, delegate the domain to our DNS hosting, store data with scalable object storage, and manage the infrastructure using API, CLI, and Terraform providers.

When Does Serverspace Black Friday Sale Start?

Serverspace Black Friday deal starts 25 November 2022. Once it will start you can use the promo code and order cloud hosting services with 50% cashback. 

Make sure to bookmark this page so you don’t miss the Black Friday start.

When Does Serverspace Black Friday End?

The Serverspace Black Friday deal runs until the end of Cyber Monday, 28 November 2022. Take advantage of this cool offer before the deal expires.

Don’t forget that it is only a one-off deal, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to get a virtual server for your project.

What is the Best Serverspace Black Friday Deal?

Serverspace Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal is simple: refill your balance with any amount of money and get 50% cashback bonuses

Terms and conditions:

  • promo code is valid for the first payment for new Serverspace customers
  • cashback is credited in the bonus funds form to your Serverspace account
  • bonus funds is non-refundable

Don’t forget that credit is only applicable to new users. So if you’re already a user then it’s not valid for you.

Conclusion on Serverspace Black Friday Deal

Serverspace is a reliable cloud solution provider that allows you to not only deploy a website but also set up a complete virtual infrastructure for your projects.

If you’re looking for a reliable cloud hosting provider for your cool projects, this Serverspace Black Friday and Cyber Monday promo code will help you get one. 

>> Click here to get 50% cashback at Serverspace! >> 

Hurry up!

We hope this Serverspace Black Friday deal page helped you save some money on your cloud hosting purchase. If you like our deal, don’t forget to share our website on social media to help others. And if you have any questions about the Serverspace promo code, feel free to comment below.

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