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Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, the American holiday that celebrates the beginning of the Christmas season. It’s the busiest shopping day of the year, when retailers offer deep discounts on popular products.

The Black Friday tradition has its roots in the 1960s when retailers would start a new shopping season with a “sales event” in hopes of kick-starting the Christmas shopping season.

The term “Black Friday” became widely used in the 1990s.

The idea of Black Friday was that it was the first day of the year where retailers would make a profit.

In recent years, Black Friday has become an annual shopping event for many retailers and the day after Thanksgiving has become a major shopping day for most American families.

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving in the United States. This day is typically seen as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. On this day, retailers offer special deals and discounts. It is called Black Friday because of the sheer number of people who would come into the store and the ensuing chaos that would result.

Every year, on the day after Thanksgiving, stores offer incredible deals and discounts. This day is called Black Friday. Black Friday is called Black Friday because the sales are so great that the stores have to use the color black to show all the deals. The color black is also associated with the depression that happens during the winter months.

“Black Friday” is the day after Thanksgiving, and the day when retailers experience the highest sales of the year. It is also a time when many retailers offer special deals, promotions, and discounts.

Many people don’t know that the term “Black Friday” was first used in Philadelphia in the 1800s. It is thought to have come from when coal miners would receive the day off on Friday, but the coal dust would still be black from the week’s work.

The name Black Friday originated from the time when merchants would literally use black ink to mark the prices of their products on a piece of paper. This would allow the merchants to see the prices at a glance.

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