Black Friday Statistics, Trends & Spendings: Fruitful Insights

Black Friday Statistics, Trends & Spendings: Fruitful insights

Are you looking for fruitful insights for the biggest day of the year for a business called “Black Friday”?

If you said yes, you landed in the right place, In this article, we’ll help you to find a real gem behind black Friday.

We’ll cover everything here such as…

  • Black Friday Statistics
  • Black Friday Trends
  • Black Friday Spendings
  • Black Friday Popular Selling Category
  • Black Friday Prediction
  • Black Friday Tips for Online Business

Are you excited to know all these black Friday or cyber week stats, number & trend?

Okay, let’s jump into it and carve some ideas for your next Black Friday marketing strategies.

Black Friday Statistics, Trends & Spending

Every year Black Friday craze steadily growing and one of the busiest shopping days of the years.

Here’s we’ve listed some interesting black Friday statistics, might help you to start deals on your online business.

1. Black Friday shopping sales recorded to hit $7.4 billion the last year 2019.  (Source: Salesforce)

Black Friday Sales Statistics

2. In Black Friday 2019, People have shopped more online than brick and mortar stores. 142.2 million have shopped online, where only 124 million people shopped from the store. (Source: The National Retail Federation)

black friday shopping online vs offline store

3. Physical store visits decreased by 6.2% in 2019, People now looking more for online. (Source: Shopper Trak)

Black Friday Physical Store Visits

4. 61% of people plan to purchase on Black Friday during cyber week. Which is obviously more than thanksgiving and cyber Monday. (Source: Black Friday)

5. Over 39% of black Friday sales were recorded through the mobile smartphone in 2019. Of course, it’s going to increase next year. (Source: Adobe AnalyticsSalesforce)

Black Friday Sales Mobile vs. Computer

6. 69% of shopping on Shopify made through mobile phones on Black Friday, and 31% were made through computers or laptops. (Source: Salesforce)

Black Friday Shopify Sales: Mobile vs. Computer

7. Average 37% savings provided by companies during Black Friday deals. (Source: The Balance)

Average Savings on Black Friday Deals

8. $400 average spend per person recorded on Black Friday 2019, and it’s increasing more each year. The average spends on black Friday is more than Cyber Monday. (Source: Market Watch)

Average Spend on Black Friday Deals

9. Clothing is the number #1 category that dominant others on black Friday. Average of more than 41% of shopping done for clothing products. (Source: Pymnts)

10. Electronics is the #2 highest-selling category during Black Friday. an included product like a laptop, PC, tablet, video games, TV, and other accessories. (Source: Black Friday Deals Point)

Black Friday Electronics Sales Stats

Black Friday Statistics Infographic

In Conclusion

Cyber week every year helps many businesses to be in profit especially on black Friday. Every year Black Friday shopping stats increases, even more than cyber Monday and thanksgiving.

If you’re a retailer or business owner start preparing for this black Friday deals in advance so, your deals could reach more peoples.

Provide an appealing discount so the buyer not even thinks twice and take action on the spot.

Lastly, the most important make sure to put more emphasis on online sales as it’s stats growing every year.

We hope you like our Black Friday Statistics and trend and you’ve got some ideas or insights to make your Black Friday and Cyber Monday strategy.

let me know in a comment below what’s your thought and prediction on black Friday stats?

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